State Resources

State Resources

The state of California's requires its school districts to have accountability. Education Code mandates geographical groupings for the purpose of creating plans for how Special Education services will be implemented. These local plan groups are called SELPAs or Special Education Local Plan Areas. Some of the larger districts have their own SELPAs. This additional layer of leadership can be helpful when there is a question of appropriate service delivery. You can look up which SELPA your school belongs to and learn more by clicking the link below.

California Department of Education SELPA 


Involving the state Department of Education can sometimes be necessary when the local level is not appropriately meeting the unique needs of children. Here you will find links that may be helpful when needing this level of support.

California Department of Education: Special Education Division

CA Special Education Timelines

CA CDE Complaint Process

Regional Centers of CA


This is a very helpful tool shared with permission from A Day in Our Shoes that has information for all 50 states. 

50 States Special Education : ADayInOurShoes | Don't IEP Alone

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